Friday, November 5, 2010


Things I'm grateful for no particular order.
  • My sweet little gentleman. 
    Learning manners, using prayer hands, taking his plate to the garbage after lunch and then to the sink, learning how to wash his hands on his own (and then proceeding to wash his hands dozens of times a day now  -- eat your heart out, Grandpa Mauss!), and picking up his blocks when asked.  And giving kisses on request.
  • Learning how to use a power drill.
    Rich Brownrice gave me the best "power drill 101" intro last time he was down here.  I can't wait to paint the bathroom and install new hardware throughout. 
  • Having some downtime this week.
    I've tried to sleep every time that Thomas sleeps, which means a big nap in the morning, a short one in the afternoon, and bedtime around 7:30.  It's helped us both start to get back on our feet a bit.  We're coughing less.  Thank God.
  • A few minutes of "outside time" yesterday.
    Purely to prevent us from going stir crazy from being inside all week.  So good for both of us.  I love that he rode the swing (check out this grip on the swing itself!) and squealed the higher he got. 
  • How much Thomas loves Jonathan.
    EVERYTHING is always "daddy!".  Thomas hears the 4runner in the driveway and he runs to the window "Daddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddy!"  Every time we see a maroon colored truck (or car), he says, "Daddy?"  And whenever I say "no" now, he asks, "Daddy?" Evidently, Jonathan is the nice one of his parents.  Whatever.
  • Sirius through Dish.
    When we upgraded our Dish satellite, we ended up with an entire lineup of Sirius channels included in addition to our normal lineup (at less than half of what I used to spend on Comcast in Tacoma).  And there's five fabulous Christmas channels that are live -- so we have an unlimited Christmas jukebox.  Current faves?  Country Christmas, Ultra Christmas, and Classic Christmas.  Thomas and I are in HEAVEN.
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 
    I'm pretty sure I've polished off an entire loaf's worth this week.  With ice cold milk.  Tasty delicious!

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