Friday, October 1, 2010

The Shiner

Meet Thomas's first "really big shiner".  

After rounding the crib in his room, he headed head first for the glider until his forehead made good contact.  The goose egg actually popped out about 3/4" from his head.  And of course, 20 minutes afterwards, he forgot it even happened. 

The Skis met up with Danny and Courtney for this year's Rainier/Elma football game.  We had an awesome dinner at Apollo's and headed out to Elma for the game. 

Thomas loved the band, the cheering, and climbing all over everyone in the stands.  Looking forward to next week's game against Hoquiam, Auntie Heidi's alma mater, next Friday in Rainier. 

The Mountaineers played and won in a big upset.

The gang afterwards...

It was so good to see the Irelands and catch up...long overdue!

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