Thursday, September 30, 2010

Small Successes • Vol. 25

It's been awhile since I've celebrated my accomplishments, but this is a week where I need to.  After 2010 Dog Poo Armageddon that led into a farm-wide poo epidemic, I'm happy with any progress that we've made that has nothing to do with excrement.  So cheers to that!! 

In the last two weeks...
  1. The entire outside of the house was pressure-washed.  It's the BEST FACELIFT EVER for our home, and one step closer to painting.  We stood in the driveway last night holding up paint chips and trying to decide which color is best, wondering if a lemon drop or two would help with the decision making.  The house hasn't been painted since it was built (24 years ago), so I cannot wait to see how it will look!
  2. Jonathan met with the electrician.  We're getting ready to pour the concrete pad for our generator, so it can finally be wired into the house for the winter.  No more cold power outages for the Skis!! I cannot wait to get the generator installed...then we can start the mud room, take advantage of Washington state's 'cash for old appliances', get a new freezer and butcher a cow for meat all winter long.  But for all of that to happen, we needed to meet with the electrician and start the specs for all the wiring.  And I'm so glad the first step is done!
  3. I channeled my aggression toward our blackberry bushes.  On the back of the house, I tore out everything that was overgrown.  Jonathan stepped in and pulled everything together into a giant burn pile (October 15, here we come!) and will be spraying all the roots in the next day or so.  They're going down, I tell you.
  4. I love being home again and back in the kitchen.  Last night, we had lemon chicken, riesling risotto, steamed broccoli, and fresh corn.  Top that off with homemade honeycrisp applesauce, and life is good.  And I love that the Meservskis helped Jonathan surprise me with a big box of Fuji apples from Eastern Washington.  Can't wait for those to get here!
  5. My last accomplishment?  The Wee Ski has not touched anyone else's butt crack since the infamous "not so belly button tickling" at the Y on Monday.  CHEERS!


KCina said...

#5 is my favorite! ;)

Happy Thursday my friend!

Danielle Hawes said...

We got some Ginger Goldens from Yakima to make applesauce with...I have never tasted anything like them. Amazing.

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