Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Things that did not happen yesterday.  The second edition.

It was my first full day after the whirlwind travel to Chicago and two Finian Road shoots (one in the clear, one in the traditional northwest rain) on Sunday. 

I was hoping for low key, calm, "get lots of stuff done and caught up" time...and then the crazy heat and humidity hit.  Mother Nature is playing with my mind again, and it's driving me nuts!  We were focused on getting into the "fall mood"...with 77 degrees. We are all confused.

To check off things that I wanted to get done...
  • Cleaned up the kitchen from Thomas weekend armageddon.  Who knew one little kid could create such havoc?!?  But knowing he had an awesome time at the Brownrices on Thursday and Friday, and fun times with Papa on Saturday made it all worth it. 
  • Made an awesome dozen of egg & broccoli quiche muffins...perfect for the busy week ahead.  Only 2 WW points each!
  • Made the first giant batch of applesauce of the fall.  Honeycrisp apples on sale + Penzeys Apple Pie Spice + the VitaMix = the smoothest, tastiest applesauce ever.  Even Jonathan, a self-professed hater of applesauce, loved it.  Cannot wait to head to the Olympia Farmers Market to pick up a STASH of apples for the winter!
  • Used up the rest of the spaghetti sauce from last week with a 'spaghetti casserole' -- a little like a lazy man's lasagna.  Tasty, nonetheless, and way easier.
  • Started unpacking my stuff + Thomas's stuff.  So glad to be done with flying for a bit!
  • Hit Mass + the Y + the store on the way home.  Fresh produce + a good workout + some chill time with the Big Guy and things felt like home again.
As for the things that "did not happen yesterday"...
  • Thomas definitely did not get in trouble playing the "tickle the belly button game".  His current craze.  He did not get caught mistaking a naked woman's butt crack at the Y for a belly button.  Or maybe he did.  I don't know.  I'm still in hiding.  See you in 2011.
  • Thomas would never have freed the chickens from their run with Maggie standing right by...ready to pounce.  It definitely wasn't the squeals of joy + screaming-like squawking from the chickens that I heard in the front yard that clued me in.  And I never would have had to chase the chickens down through the mud + chicken poo barefoot while sending Maggie inside to catch them and tuck them safely away into their run.  
  • Thomas wouldn't have curled up to me after getting in trouble for said "free the chickens"...and I'm feeling all nice and cozy until I touch the mud on his jeans.  Oh wait, that's not mud.  WHAT IS IT WITH MY KID AND ANIMAL POO RIGHT NOW?  Everything got a nice, hot, disinfecting bath. 
Here's looking forward to a much calmer day today.  

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