Sunday, August 22, 2010

Old McDuncan Had a Farm

Last week, Debbie invited us over to her farm...retitled "McDuncan's Farm" for the boys.  I had the chance to reconnect with a number of women that I used to work with at Merrill Lynch...Debbie, Julie and Lisa.  Julie's the lone survivor there, up in the Bellevue office.  We had the chance to catch up and enjoy the sunshine a bit. 

Everyone brought their sons (7 total) -- and one of Debbie's grand-nieces made the only 'little girl' appearance.  Kathie and her daughters and families came over for the BBQ and pool party as well.

Thomas was in heaven.  He loved the pool time, the play time, and getting to see Auntie Debbie's ponies -- Thomas-sized!

His curls crack me up right now.  They are super curly in back and wavy in front. 

My hair?  Jonathan actually called it "white" today.  No longer growing in gray...just pure white.  Nice.  Needless to say, so looking forward to the colorist this week!  :)   But I digress.

Let's let the Wee Ski take the focus off my gray. 

Loving the diving board in the baby rings.  And a little pool mat surfing.

Thomas loved the ponies. 

What he did NOT love was the electric fence.  First time for everything!  He learned a good lesson...hopefully, it sticks!

Eileen (who used to work at Merrill, and now works at Providence, where Debbie is) gave Debbie the day off on Friday.  During the day, formerly-anti-digital-camera-and-anything-related-to-technology Debbie handmade the thank you sign, had us take this photo, AND emailed it to Eileen all before we had the BBQ lunch!  I was terribly proud of her.  :)

I loved being able to see everyone and to catch up.  A fabulous blessing to the end of the week!  Thank you, Mrs. Duncan!  ♥

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