Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Takes: The Quiet Wednesday Edition

Too short for a full blog post, too long for a Facebook update.
  1. Had my hair cut + colored last night.
    Meegan is so amazing.  She has been my colorist and confidant since I was in college.  It's always an instant facelift + spirit-lift when I see her.  :)
  2. Loving the fresh Yakima peach bounty right now.
    I have started freezing them for the winter, but pureed enough to make a double batch of fresh peach ice cream.  SO TASTY DELICIOUS.   Here's the recipe.
  3. Next week?  Pears and tomatoes.
    Planning to make a big stash of fresh tomato sauce from my tomatoes class last week.  And freezing up some pears (also from Yakima) for sweet goodness during the winter.
  4. Soups, stews and chilis.
    Picked up this cookbook at Costco and cannot wait for fall to start.  So looking forward to another soup swap -- and a week-long soup focus on the blog this fall.  Never mind that there's a tasty pot of chicken taco chili roasting away in the slow cooker right now.  YUM.
  5. Thomas is loving time with his grandparents.
    Playing in the water, throwing rocks, going to the Rainiers game, letting the canaries out of the aviary...what more could a little kid ask for?  It was his first time away from both Jonathan and me for more than a night...and everyone survived.  It makes it so much easier when I'm gone to know that he is happy.  Only a little homesick. 
  6. So excited for the first official Regional Summit this weekend!
    Flying into Arizona late Thursday night for the start on Friday.  The upcoming weeks will be crazy -- 3 Summits across the US and then a travel break until the end of October for Seattle's Summit.  Time to switch gears from this year to looking ahead to next year.  
  7. Speaking of Summit, I leave you with this video.
    After seeing sweet little Charlotte Cina dancing to this at her Relay, we added this song to the "2011 Summit Mix".  I also love it because it reminds me of home.  Heidi named our big bull on the farm "Moto Moto", so it's a good homesick song for me too.  It is ridiculously hard to get out of your head...and since I've been singing it all day long, you can too.  :)  Enjoy.  And you know where to find me when you're still singing it hours later. 

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KCina said...

Love the new cut/color!

Charlotte LOVES the video! ;)

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