Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebrating tomatoes

Our cooking class on Thursday night was all about tomatoes.  I love tomatoes and an awesome tomato husband, however, does not.  My next goal?  Convert him to the tomato-loving team.  :)

Louise's garden is always beautiful -- and it's so much fun to see it full in the summer as opposed to just the spring when things are getting planted and beginning to grow.  We all lamented the terrible growing season (and I felt much better about my predominantly still-green tomatoes on my vines), because everyone else's are still green as well.  These tomatoes are the first of hers to begin turning red.

It's always a random mix of people at the classes...this class was predominantly male.  Just two other gals with me.  One group was all together as a "group bonding experience" from their work.  Other funny?  I was making tomato soup alongside one of my previous clients from Merrill and hadn't run into him since I quit the firm nearly a year ago.  Loving being able to chat all things wine and food with him!

One of the things I love about Bon Vivant's individual classes is that you're given an overview and intro to the subject in the beginning, and then it's hands-on making it yourself.  I'm beginning as an junior apprentice for the school in the fall, so I was excited to get back into the swing of things.

We had an awesome sampler of heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with kosher salt.  So tasty.

Roasted tomato crostinis.  Fresh mozzarella underneath the tomatoes.  So yummy.

Tomato bread salad.  DELICIOUS.  Never would have thought to use bread in this way.  Excited to make it at home.

And the soup I made: Pappa al Pomodoro.  Louise is serving it up for everyone. 

We also made stuffed zucchini with fresh tomato sauce, and pasta puttanesca. 

Cannot wait to go to the farmer's market and get stocked up!  Full freezer of tomato sauce, here we come!

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