Wednesday, August 18, 2010

before bed

Always the same routine.  Consistency is our best friend.
  • Dinner.
  • Start the water in the tub.
  • Major wipedown of messy, foody kid.
  • Stripdown in bathroom.
    (Lesson learned about doing that too early)
  • Thomas jumps up and down at the excitement of a bath.
  • Gets in tub.
  • Wash hair + dirt in all spots.
  • Rinse down.
  • Start the tub draining and let him play until it's gone.
  • Tosses lots of water with his cups and toys.
  • Lots of water everywhere.
  • Doesn't stand up to pee as much anymore.
    That's a win for all of us. 

After drying, a new diaper and jammies, he starts touching his wrist (where the watch would be in the Y's "Goodbye Now" song) to tell us it's time for bed.

He plays with us for a bit (usually more Papa), copying what he does and giggling.

Then he starts waving goodnight to anything that moves.

He gets tucked into bed after a story and prayers.

Good night, now.  Good night, now.  The clock says we're done.  We'll see you in the morning for more playtime fun.

Go nigh, nigh, Thomas.  Nigh, nigh.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful is that. Thank you for sharring such a loving routine with all of us.

Theresa B. said...

Awwww, Gibson has those jammies too! :) :) And oh yes.... the Y "goodbye" song! Alas, when they turn 3 there's no more songs in swimming! :(

Unknown said...

Goodness Thomas is getting cuter by the moment.
I love his long curls. I remember when Sam was that age and he had the most luxurious curls too. I held off cutting them until he was 3 and looked like a little girl. I still miss them.

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