Friday, July 2, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook: the Procrastination Edition

A slice of life right now...

  • Outside my window... it's raining.  Seriously.  IN JULY.  I think I will just call this month Julyuary...since both days so far in July have been wet and gray.
  • I am thinking...  that I should be packing for Lake Chelan.  Lots of stuff done today -- finished up all my immediate pending projects for Finian Road, did a Safeway + post office run, totally cleaned out Jonathan's 4runner, started dinner for tomorrow night (homemade lasagna), have been cleaning out the kitchen and started packing the car - totally took apart Thomas's BOB stroller so it would fit in a tiny space.  Awesome.  But I can't get myself motivated to pack my own clothes.  So I blog.
  • I am thankful for... a vacation with Jonathan, Thomas and my fam.  We all need a break.
  • From the kitchen... Spinach basil pesto.  Lasagna.  Lots of fresh goodies ready to be packed into the car for the drive over.  On the menu?  BBQ'd fish.  Grilled corn.  Chicken piccata.  Mango pomegranate chicken.  
  • I am wearing... flip flops.  Jonathan's flip flops, to be exact.  And grubby clothes used to clean out the car.
  • I am going... to start packing.  Someday.  In the meantime, I'm coming up with blog post ideas for this month, since I'm planning on blogging every day (eat your heart out, Jackie!!).  
  • I am creating... a list of things to pack.  The food is all done.  Thomas is kind of done.  My stuff is not done.
  • I am hoping... that my clothes will pack themselves.
  • I am hearing...  Maggie chasing bunnies outside.
  • Around the house... the kitchen is full of goodies to go out to the car.  Lots of boxes and things that will come back empty.  Sunscreen, sweet almond oil, cherry coke zero.  
  • One of my favorite things... Sunshine + heat.  The 80s this weekend, and the 90s next week!!
  • A few plans for the rest of the week: a newborn shoot en route to Chelan, unpacking, and doing a good deal of NOTHING.  So grateful that Amy will be at our house, holding the fort down.  
  • Here is picture for thought I am sharing... I love this shot from Relay, with Grammy and Gramps Brownrice.  Makes my heart happy.

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