Friday, May 21, 2010

Ode to My Mom: "Classical K Moments"

I love my mom. With all of my heart. She is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. She always means well. And she adores her grandchildren. Probably more than her children.  

And it's with that, I give you two scenes from dinner last night at their house.


I was busy making dinner inside (shrimp etoufee over jasmine rice, if you were wondering). Mom took Thomas down to the beach to play with the rocks and the dogs. When I had a spare few minutes in the kitchen, I grabbed my camera to capture a sneaky photo of the two of them to add to her digital frame as a surprise.

And this is what I captured.

The two of them walking on the upper grass.  Wait -- what's that ahead?  Could it be?  A giant dog poo?  Doesn't it look to be bigger than Thomas's head?   Perhaps they were playing the "walk only in a straight line game", because THEY DID NOT WALK AROUND IT.  The next frame?  Trying to step over it.  And finally, check the bottom of the leather soled toddler shoes for dog poo.

If my dad, who is more than slightly "germ adverse" had seen this, he would have had a heart  attack.  He has familiarized Thomas with every Purell dispenser in the Seattle and Denver airports.

Thankfully, I was the one watching it, and I am still laughing now.

Especially since there was no poo on the shoe.


Thomas, exercising with the Shake Weight.

For my birthday, my mom surprised me with something she has started using.  I give you The Shake Weight.  I thought it looked interesting...and Jonathan nearly lost it when he saw it in our bedroom.

"Shelley, is that a REAL Shake Weight?"
"Yes, Mom gave it to me for my birthday."
"Seriously?  You guys haven't seen the Saturday Night Live skit?"

I will warn you, this isn't what many people would call a "G rated" piece of exercise equipment.  (Though I'm sure the original intention was good, and Mom really loves it for toning her arms :) )  That's the basis for the skit, and what we absolutely love about knowing Mom found this all on her own. 


...and this concludes tonight's edition of "Classical K Moments"!

I love you, Mom!! ♥

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