Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Week in the Life: Day 3

Right now.  The collection of things happening.  To become journaling on the pages later for the Week in the Life project.
  • The herbs are planted on the deck.  Oregano, dill, chives, rosemary, cilantro, parsley.  Basil planted inside, for now.  A pot of strawberry plants are planted as well.  Hoping to add purple basil and lemon basil (just starting from seed) when it's warmer.  
  • Thomas is always in Jonathan's old eraser collection.  This is one of those non-negotiables that I'm not allowed to get rid of.  I frequently find erasers all over the house.  Most commonly in the pantry and in the bathroom drawers. Sometimes in the middle of the floor in the kitchen.  His favorites?  A football eraser and a basketball eraser.
  • He's almost out of his 12 month footed sleepers.  This actually makes me tear up a bit, since he's never outgrown a size before he hits the next one (now, 18 months).  He's longer and lankier, still without a belly. 
  • Thomas loves to know how everything works.  When he's unsure of something or just entering into a new situation, you'll usually find him taking a step back, hands on his hips.  Jonathan says I do that all the time.  I'd never noticed.  But now I notice it all the time.
  • Thomas is not a picky eater.  At least not yet.  On the menu so far today?  For breakfast: cheerios, milk, grapes, and chicken.  For lunch?  Chicken, avocado, mozzarella cheese, milk, half a slice of chicken & bacon pizza, and a banana.  Less food is finding its way to the floor, but his cups always end up on the floor.  Drives me nuts.  Want to strap them to him.
  • Jonathan and Thomas love their Tuesday nights together.  They have always been our 'date nights' for Jonathan and me.  After I started the cooking classes, the Wee Ski and his papa have had Tuesday nights together on their own since I don't get home until nearly midnight.  Jonathan told me last night that after the classes have ended, I should still take Tuesday nights to go do things I want to do, without a child in tow.  He said, "You need that time.  And Thomas and I love to hang together."  That just makes my heart happy.
  • LOST is nearing its end.  The end of a perpetually confused television-watching era.  Bittersweet but fantastic to finally have some answers. They lost Jonathan as a fan a long time ago.  Not giving up on them is finally beginning to reap many years later?!?
  • Realizing how much my attitude toward 'home' has changed.  Living in Tacoma and being single, there wasn't much to come home to besides my dog and cat.  I was out often, and busy with my hands in a number of different projects.  Then the Brownrices moved in down the street, and it was a 'just add water', instant second family.  They had keys to the house, my house was rarely quiet if the kids were over, and I was at home more.  And now I'm home for the majority of my time.  And I love it.  I love waking up at a normal hour (6 am) instead of east coast time (4 am) and taking care of the morning chores.  My favorite moments are just after Thomas has woken up, and we can hear him talking to himself in bed.  How he jumps up and down like mad in his crib when you open the door just a bit.  And the wafting scent of a healthy & functioning pooper on the kid doesn't make me flinch.  However, I can do with less dead baby bunnies on the kitchen floor (thank you, Maggie, champion mouser, moler, and now bunny-er).  Not my favorite sight in the past week.  But then, the fresh scent of bleach and a clean kitchen to make it all better.  
  • Thomas is a little dancing machine.  Thanks to the wonder of iTunes, we can sample music before buying -- a little like a Thomas Litmus Test.  Due to a successful sampling of this album, we are now proud owners of Go Fish's Party Like a Preschooler
  • Love getting back into the swing of things with Relay For Life.  After taking a few big steps back from everything in our lives (aside from our family) in January, it's been the best breath of fresh air getting things rolling.  Looking forward to finding out who the lucky winner is in Shoot to Fight Cancer Raffle (just a week left to buy tickets!), our Uno de Mayo birthday celebration, and the first year we've ever sent out fundraising letters.  I love how the letters turned out (designed and donated by Finian Road) and can't wait to get them in the mail with the new purple Love stamps from the post office.  Cannot wait for the actual event in will be here before we know it! 
  • The new naptime routine.  He climbs into his rocking chair, we put on his sleepsack, he rocks 5 times, we sing "Goodnight now, goodnight now, the clock says we're done.  We'll see you in two hours for more playtime fun!", I lift him into his crib, he waves to me and puts his head down on the pillow.  IT IS AWESOME.

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