Friday, April 23, 2010

It all revolves around the downward dog.

I introduce you to Thomas's newest tantrum.

There's a similar thing he does -- though not as a tantrum -- right after he wakes up from a nap.  He is a snuggly bunny, and he doesn't want to be put down for the first 10 or 15 minutes after he wakes.  I usually use the time to rock him and let him nurse, and when he starts getting squirmy, he's ready to be "up".  If not, he sits on the floor and smacks his forehead right onto the floor (oh, to be so bendy).  And he cries.

But this, my friends, is a tantrum.

I told him that he couldn't get out more erasers from my office and shut the door.  He got mad.  And he bent over and smacked his forehead right onto the floor.  While crying.  And still standing.  And he carried on for about 45 seconds.

I just watched.

When he realized that he wasn't really getting his erasers, he sat down and cried some more.  And then he got up, walked into the living room, and started playing with his toys.  Tantrum over.

But I truly love this image.

A few images from this week's Week in the Life.  I realized a few things -- I don't take self-portraits that often anymore.  [Perhaps because my world doesn't revolve around me anymore?  :) ]  I think that's something that's missing from this week -- so I'm looking forward to a 'reload' of this week over an upcoming week, with me "plugged into" it more.  Instead of just behind the lens. 

My kitchen window.  I love that little ceramic pig with the chalkboard from my Aunt Sue.  She always finds cool random things to decorate.  And my basil that I'm hiding from the cold outside for another month or so. 

Chicken & bacon pizza.  Jonathan's half has caramelized onions.  Mine does not. The Wee Ski will eat any of it.  So good.  From scratch.

Bits of kale saved for the chickens.  Have been adding it into smoothies for an energy burst and it's awesome. 

Thomas on Tuesday night, when I was at cooking class.   The boys had a great pizza night.  Jonathan chose to eat his pizza.  Thomas wore his pizza.  Kudos to my awesome husband for taking photos while I was gone.

The morning goodbye.  Thomas always races out to the window when Jonathan is leaving for work.  This was office professional day, so his firm had ate out at a great place for lunch and headed to Whittle to paint wooden toys.  Thomas has a cool little car, painted by his papa, coming to him.  Thomas waves and waves and waves once Jonathan pulls out, until he can't see Jonathan's truck anymore.  Ignore my dirty windows and window screen. 

The carseat.  Thomas loves to climb all over it.  It's a good recliner in the living room as well.

Decisions.  Mommy, want to play Punchout on the Wii with me?  Or watch Fraggle Rock?

A rite of passage.  Thomas's first "Little Tom" from Eagan's.  Good stuff.  For you Tacomans, it's reminiscent of Frisko Freeze.  YUM.

On the hunt for a pucky.  Thomas usually throws his pucky out of the crib sometime during his nap.  Then he has to find it when he gets up.  Sometimes it's easier said than done.  This search took 3 minutes. 


Unknown said...

I absolutely adore your photos.
My boys also did the downward facing dog tantrum when they were itsy. Now they just kick, scream, and jump high in the air and then fall to the floor on their knees. Good times. LOL

Keana C. said...

oh my gosh! I totally forgot about the 'banging head' tantrums! Joey did that all the way up until he was two and always had bruises to prove it!

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