Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the Life: Day 1

Venturing into "A Week in the Life". Scrapping one week of our lives - details, photos, things to remember.  It begins today and will continue through Sunday.  Bringing my camera along with me wherever we go -- which surprisingly, I don't do that often anymore.  Loving just shooting for us.

Had a chance to pull together one of the pages last night while shoots were batching for Finian Road...

Thomas had his 15 month well baby check yesterday.  He's growing well - 30 inches long (25th percentile), 48 cm around his head (50th percentile) and finally up to 21 pounds (12th percentile, up from the 10th!).

In addition to his vaccines, I asked for a food allergy panel.  We're not 100% sure if he's allergic to dairy or eggs, since his skin breaks out occasionally after coming in contact with milk or egg whites (both of which he loves).  The allergies can either lessen or intensify as he grows, so I'm hoping to just have a good idea of the main allergens and what he may be sensitive to.  We'll have the results in about a week.

He was great for his shots, but when they came to draw blood, he was my tough little man: not wanting to be stuck.  He wriggled the needle out of his vein on the right side, so we regrouped and drew from his left arm.  He got four Tigger band-aids and after his tears dried (see him above, lower left hand corner), we headed to Costco.  The best place for him to people watch, and he got to taste lots of goodies from the samples.  And then he crashed for 3 hours.

And he woke up a brand new little boy.  :)

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness he is ADORABLE. Is it just me or does it seem like he has leaped into little boy-hood overnight? It was just last week his pictures showed him still looking like a baby.

I love your pics and updates on your sweet boy!

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