Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Takes: The Morning Goodness Edition

Seven slices of life: too short for a blog post, too long for Facebook.
  1. Finished my bracket for March Madness. 
    Used my fam for a few of the picks:  Murray State for Jonathan's cousin, Morgan, and West Virginia for my cousin, Zach.  Excited to see how the first round goes.  Last year, Thomas was in second place at the end of the first round -- at just two months old.  Jonathan opted to use -- I'm hoping I can find a widget to place on the blog (for when I start winning.  If I don't, no widget needed). 
  2. Started ordering for the farm for the garden and yard.
    Ordered apple (pixie crunch) and pear (honeysweet) trees + blueberry bushes (patriot hybrid).  Perhaps I'm more excited to plant trees than I am to whack down the giant stickers along the back of the house where the garden will end up.  :)  Is there a sticker bush fairy anywhere?!?  I can pay you in fresh chicken eggs.
  3. Very excited to see my aunt and uncle this weekend. 
    Uncle Bill and Aunt Darlene are flying in from Iowa, and we're all meeting up for a big dinner on Friday night.  They haven't seen Thomas since he was 5 months old -- will be so fun to spend time with them!
  4. Thomas was pretty snuffly yesterday.
    I had an idea that he might be getting sick.  How I love having a happy sick baby.  We cuddled up together and watched Lost and he napped a bit more.  I love that kid.  And every day, he is more animated and adventurous.  So. much. fun.
  5. Got re-energized for Weight Watchers this week.
    Made a batch of granola at 3 points per square.  Also made a big batch of Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets that Doc and I have had for breakfast every day.   
  6. Working like mad.
    But a good mad.  Whenever Thomas is sleeping and in the early mornings.  Finian Road has been crazy busy with design projects + photo shoots, and my workshop in Las Vegas was just what I needed for some fresh inspiration.  Hope to get some of the design projects + recent shoots up on the blog soon!
  7. My new favorite chili:  Three Bean Turkey Chili
    And it was worth it to add in a bit of avocado + shredded cheese.  The Wee Ski was a huge fan. 


Sunny said...

The chili looks amazing, and the picture of Thomas enjoying it is adorable.

Janna said...

sticker bush fairy = goats! my friends got some goats off craigslist to get rid of all their blackberry bushes and other shrubery when they moved into a house that had not been well kept and it worked great. Maybe you should try on the Pemco goat renter commercial!

shelley said...

Janna, you are so awesome! We have got to have goats somewhere near here!! They could clean up a TON of our "shrubbery" AKA weeds!!

Stacey said...

Would that chili be the Abs Diet turkey/bean chili? I also love it! Going to be trying my hand at gardening this year! Any tips for clearing up a space to get ready for vegetables? It's covered in weeds right now!

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