Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simply Franciscan: A Baby Shower

On Sunday, Becky, Crystal and I threw a baby blessing/shower for Sarah, due in a few weeks with her third little one.   We all reconnected a few years ago through Becky and working on Bellarmine's Junior Encounter -- and it's been a huge blessing to see how our friendship has grown.  I'm the junior to the Crystal (four wee ones) and Sarah (three wee ones) -- and I've loved seeing them balance life as their families grow.  It is awesome

In the Franciscan spirit, it was held in Becky's rustic barn (on her tree farm, Country Tree Farm) with the wood stove roaring.  We had a simple lunch -- chili, corn casserole, rosemary bread, cider, Christmas tree cookies, and coffee (didn't St. Francis visit Starbucks every once and a while?).  And maybe, just maybe, a few girl scout cookies.  :)

Sarah's little girl, named Chiara (Italian, meaning "light"), is named after St. Francis's sister, Clare.  Chiara is the first baby girl for Sarah, joining older brothers Micah and Eli.

Becky pulled  together an awesome Franciscan quiz as an alternative to the standard baby shower games, and the prizes were Franciscan crowns and saints bracelets.  (Can you tell that we are all Catholic?  :)  )   Everyone received a tee with the San Damiano cross on it -- you'll see it sported above by Becky & Crystal.

During the blessing, everyone had a chance to pray over Sarah and Chiara.  We each shared scripture and intentions, and it was so powerful to see how each person's scripture also reflected their own perspective.  It was beautiful and calming, and so uplifting for everyone. 

What do I love most about this photo? Becky hung the hand carved cross that had been carved just for her mom's funeral, and had been adorned to the casket. 

Just after everyone we were packing up.

And how can you NOT love a little chocolate face?!?

Cannot wait to meet sweet baby Chiara!  Please pray for the rest of her pregnancy and for a safe delivery!!  ♥

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Anonymous said...

Love it. Wish I'd known you'd be seeing Sarah. I'd have told you to send my love to her. Congrats to Sarah; she'll be in my prayers.

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