Monday, March 22, 2010

The Brothers

Last night, my family came down to the farm for a little March Madness & dinner.  My dad and his brothers (Tim, who lives nearby, and Bill, who lives in Iowa) are not often in the same place at the same time.  The last few times Bill and Darlene have made it out, it's been for my wedding, Mike's wedding, and Dad's 60th surprise party

It's tradition to get the prerequisite photo of all the guys on the sofa, sitting together.  Sometime, I would LOVE to pull together an entire collection of just those photos.  I honestly thing this one is a contender for - with Bill trying to hold Tim's hand and all.  :)

And the snickers that follow, just before Bill jumps into Tim's lap.

My mom (check that out!  no oxygen for an hour or so!), me, and my aunts Sue and Darlene.  

While shooting this of all the guys together, Dad was particularly impressed by my shiny clean windows.  They could all see themselves in the deck windows, so of course...'s me shooting the reflection of the window, just for Dad.

We had dinner together, and Thomas got to play with his big cousin Brandon...who seemed mesmerized by the baby toys.  :)  Thomas was just as mesmerized by Brandon.  Brandon is such an awesome mentor for the Wee Ski.

This morning, Bill and Darlene are taking Ben up to Western to check out the campus, and we all have one last dinner together on Wednesday before they fly home.

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