Sunday, December 3, 2006


finally. it's out in the open!

tonight, we threw papa a surprise party for his 60th birthday (which is the 10th of december, btw). several months of preparation and quiet conversations here and there...and it rocked.

filled up the quarterdeck at thea's landing. hired super fabulous caterers (deanie's catering). brought together people who have been a part of our lives in some pretty significant ways. and father raftis said mass for him today, as well.

the icing on the candle-filled cake? mom and i flew out a few special surprises from the midwest: my uncle bill and aunt darlene from dubuque, iowa, and my dad's childhood best friend, pat tierney, and his wife, cindy - formerly of waukon, iowa, now in la crosse, wisconsin.

and dad had no idea about that. we loved it.

happy birthday, papa bear. i love you!

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Helen B said...

Happy birthday Tom!

Helen, Vic, Gracie and Ellie

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