Tuesday, November 28, 2006

blooming in november

seriously, the bloom kids just made me laugh. and joey was simply over the top. so over the top. i loved it. my sides hurt.

this afternoon was the one single afternoon with bright sunshine (albeit cold, cold, nearly freezing temperatures) of the past few weeks. the whole family were pretty good sports about it - we just kept saying, "imagine if it were raining right now!" as our fingers and toes were freezing.

emily and lauren are growing up so quickly...i loved seeing them dressed up and doing their 'thing'. love the reflection in the glass of of the rare moments of calm. :)

little joey is a ball of fire at four years old.

emily and her huge blue eyes.

joey in the middle, surrounded by his big sisters. this image just makes my heart happy.

and finally, my favorite from the day...joey's big big brown eyes, with the falling sunshine sparkling in them.

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