Monday, December 4, 2006

the night the tree fell

overheard minutes before the now-famous tree falling...

"kristine, i don't think the tree ended up getting tied to the wall."
"shelley, i think you're right."
"it's really leaning. it's the leaning tower of tree."
and the infamous words of my mom, "let's take a photo of the guys next to the tree!"

as dad put it later, "great. big. tree. boooommm!"

and so it went. while my tree will go down as the 2006 poo tree, mom and dad's will go down as the 2006 crashing tall tree.

but you know my dad loved his surprise birthday weekend, when the crashing of the ten and a half foot tree caused laughter and an amazing void of four letter words. grandma would be proud. :)

and how fabulous was it that dad had his best friend, brothers, and son to help revive the tree?

as clark griswold would say, "little full! lots of sap!"


Anonymous said...

can anyone say...timber?!

Kris said...

I think I would have paid to watch this unfold....

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