Wednesday, December 6, 2006

christmas greetings

it's hard to believe it's been five months since i launched shelley mauss photography...

and i have loved every minute of it.

something i hadn't anticipated doing, but ended up loving - designing several christmas cards for clients who hired me this fall. simple and highlighting the peeps in the family, i loved how they turned out.

stacey, leon, leonte, and leondre
seriously, i love the collection of photos they chose. it's seriously...just so them...down to the exclamation point! (and it should be noted that i now refer to myself as "leonshel" around them. i just want to fit in, you know?)

liz, austin, and paige
designed for my favorite type of rice...brown rice! featuring each wee one and mom with the kids. pulled the colors from liz and paige's sweaters.

lacey, dave, and katie
featuring katie with her parents. the newest little one (who is a tiny little bun in the oven in these photos - just a few weeks along) will be one of my premier baby plan munchkins who will be arriving in 2007. lacey's maternity shoot is in january...and big sister katie can't wait!

lauren, joe, and emily
a simple design to last well into the new year. sized at 4x6 (instead of the 5x7 cards above), it's designed to be a photo on the front of a card - to be removed and hung throughout the year. the colors are pulled from joe's sweater, while the numbers behind the kids' names highlight their ages.

i have a few cards left to finish before s.m. photography closes for the holidays. there's some good ideas ahead in my mind for next year's christmas designs, as well as a few uber-cute baby announcement ideas... to quote claudine, who quotes martha, it's a good thing.

some other super fabulous things to note:

through my eyes
my 365 day project is nearly over - it's morphed into a 500 day project that i've loved. when it's finished, it will have highlighted 500 images of my life - from people i love to places i've been - and everything in between. the end comes sometime next week.

the launching of an all-new e-newsletter
what's so super fabulous about this? a contest. i love contests. i know, i am a nerd. but contests rock. while the business is closed over the holidays, i'll add a box to viper's world so that you can sign up to receive it. everyone who signs up will be entered into a contest for some uber-cool shelley-mauss-photography-photographic-items. i haven't decided yet what they will be - but it will be super fabulous. and i'm thinking about adding a "tell-a-friend" prize as if you pass along my name to some of your closest friends, and they sign up...and their name is'll win too! that is why contests rock! and the winner will be announced in early january - just in time for valentine's day!

a sweet redesign to shelley mauss photography - coming soon!
featuring a good deal'll just have to wait and see!

and one last quick reminder - i'm nearly booked for january and halfway for february - so if you're thinking of a shoot, and you wish to lock in the 2006 rates before they rise in 2007, email me and book before december 17th!

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