Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Cakes Does Not A Happy Swimmer Make

Thomas and I had a breakfast date after my early morning dentist appointment...we ordered officially off the kids menu for the first time.

He was an angel during breakfast, and our server brought him a refill of milk and he grinned and clapped for her.   He flirted with the ladies at the table next to us, and played quietly with his crayons and menu. 

He chowed down on the pancakes and sausage. First to go were the eyes and ears. Then the whipped cream mouth.

We ran a few errands afterwards and heading to swimming lessons.

And I forgot the most valuable lesson of timing his breakfast in conjunction with swim lessons.  You'd think that since I'd learned this lesson many months ago, that I would remember it.  Perhaps we were still enjoying the calm morning and the private lesson with Miss Chelsea since we were the only ones today in our Shrimp/Kipper class.  The other classes were full, but it was quiet in our end of the pool. 

It was during his lesson that Thomas brought the Browns to the Superbowl. All participants and fans of the game exited the pool.

Humility, thy name is Mommy.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh no :( My daughter soiled herself all the way down to her socks on the slide of the little play area at our mall. My husband (alone there with her) scooped her up and ran off. As he passed the little information office he heard chatter on the walkie-talkies about the play area being evacuated due to feces. Happens to the best of us ;)

Unknown said...

lol! This is the funniest thing I have read in a really long time. Thank you for your humor Shelley...I absolutely love that about you! :-)

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