Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slowing it down.

This afternoon, when Thomas was taking his nap, I put a pot of tea on.

From the china cabinet, I pulled one of Grandma Ski's teacups and saucers. We have a dozen cups and saucers that only match their mate. Since it pushed 55° on the drive home from swimming, it was only fitting to use March's daffodils. With all my heart, I wish my mother in law was here today to share it with me.

Sometimes, it's terribly surreal to live in the home that my husband grew up in. Finding the balance of old and new. Knowing there is immense history in our home, from creaks in the floors to holes in the walls. I love being able to reach across time when I find old journals or notes from his family as he grew up.

And it's our family's turn now to make memories with Jonathan as the papa, instead of the child.

I think back over the last six months and how our lives have changed so significantly.

I am so grateful for each living, breathing moment.

For each chance to squeeze my son, to share him with my husband, to live this life with Jonathan. To still have my parents with us, especially my mom after the past few months.

There's a time and a season for everything.

It simply isn't the same time and season for everything.

But right now, everything revolves around my family.

And that is OK.

Today, Thomas had the most fun he'd ever had swimming. Jumping into the pool over and over again, crazy kicking his legs during laps, and falling into his car seat, exhausted on the way home.

So incredibly grateful that I was 100% present in that moment.

And I know Grandma Ski shares in that with us, if only through the communion of saints.

And it makes my heart happy.

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Scrapping in Circles said...

What a beautiful tribute to family of all generations. Life is such a wonderful gift and memories a gorgeous blessing.

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