Monday, February 15, 2010

12 of 12: The Long Weekend

A special edition of 12 photos from the weekend, beginning on the 12th. :)

The health-i-fied version of Amazing Italian Lemon Butter Chicken. Used baby portobellos, turkey bacon, capers, pasta and chicken...but used the sauce from Gina's Lighter Chicken Francese. Yummy.

The lamps that used to live in our giveaway pile. Then I broke out the metallic spray paint. And I gave them a new life in our living room.

The FlyLady would call our kitchen counter a "hot spot". A beautiful bouquet from Mom and Dad for Valentine's, spray paint for the cabinet + lamps, bagels, sunglasses, Thomas's sling, gel to clean out the shower drain, and our files for taxes. Nice. Definitely a hot spot.

I love these Illuminations candles. I do think WoodWick will take their place as my favorite though, now that Illuminations has gone out of business.

Hello, baking soda. Meet my sorry stovetop. Thank you for making it better.

Loved spending Friday with Sara and her boys. Thomas had a blast with them, and all of a sudden, it was 7 hours later! So looking forward to seeing them again.

Mom and Dad at the Sweethearts' Mass at St. Charles. They're celebrating 40 years this year and were invited up front for a special blessing. With everyone who had been married longer than 5 years. { Because us "less than 5 years" couples haven't achieved anything worthy of blessing. But I'm not bitter. Whatever. :) }

The lamps atop the piano. With a collection of photos in the early morning glow. I think I'll add in a mirror or photo above on the wall as well. This whole spot just makes me happy.

Cake from Liz and Paige, our own little version of Fat Tuesday, one day early. White Chocolate mousse + raspberries. Serious yum.

Thomas enjoying said cake.

The best Rosemary bread ever. The recipe is for a bread machine, but there are comments on it on how it can be customized to be made by hand. Enjoy. There's only a few slices left after lunch.

Paigers and Thomas. So good to see her and Liz today.

In other news...we had a tiny egg in the run yesterday, so I'm hoping that means that our third hen is finally laying! They were rewarded with lots of vegetables and some bonus oyster shells.

Looking forward to the Wee Ski hanging with Jonathan tonight as I get caught up on Finian Road. Love how it feels checking so many things off my list!! YEA!


Janna said...

Now that I can comment, I'm going to take the time to make them! First, I just want to say, again, that I really enjoy reading your blog - hearing everything you and your family are up to. Second, I like the festive banner at the top of the page with the hearts in the little ice cubes. =) Hope all is well. OH, one more thing - I always tell you that your blog makes me smile and this time it was the picture of your mom and dad and everything they've been going through and the picture of them that made me smile because you can see true happiness in their faces.

Angela said...

those lamps look fantastic! Really impressive!

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