Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Takes • The Valentine's Edition

An awesome day today.

Seven snippets of life right now, too short for a blog post, too long for Facebook...

  1. Thomas had his first "date" for Valentine's Day, the beautiful Maureen.
    They had a great afternoon, and Jonathan and I had a chance to celebrate Valentine's with dinner at Falls Terrace, overlooking Tumwater Falls. And I love that she took photos...especially the one with the ring on his head, and him playing his "copy me" game. Thank you, Maureen, for a date with my husband! You are the best! ♥
  2. I love reading good news for a change.
    These stories just made my heart happy: A love letter to a mail carrier (addressed as 'Dear Mr. or Mrs. or Miss postperson,' !), a Thurston County man training to be a 911 operator saves his own son's life, and a very sweet 911 call from a little girl named Savannah:
  3. Finished painting my lamps.
    We had two big brass lamps that didn't match anything, and they were headed to the donation pile. I decided to give them one last chance and paint them silver to match the torchiere in the living room, and they turned out beautifully! Photos to come later today in my 12 of 12: Weekend Edition.
  4. Looking forward to painting this giant file cabinet.
    That we found in our garage. Did I mention is super big and that WE DID NOT KNOW THAT IT WAS IN THE GARAGE? Doesn't everyone find giant things in the garage that they didn't know were there? I've taken it apart and cleaned it out, removed all the adhesive from the front, and started sanding. Looking forward to painting it in the next few days and moving it inside to my office.
  5. Thomas has been on a teething binge.
    Three new teeth have cut through in the last 2 weeks. His naps and night sleeping have been a little rough, but he's getting better with each tooth that comes through. He has 7 teeth now!
  6. The Regional Fire Authority is passing with 56 votes right now.
    Waiting for the final vote certification in the next two weeks. But the original 7 vote lead has widened with each additional vote count! Yea!
  7. A sweet little Valentine for you...

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