Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello, Spring

...even if you are still a month away. We are excited for you. If it's mid-50s right now, what's ahead for the summer?

We loved the sunshine and soaked up some Vitamin D this afternoon.

We fed the chickens...

Thomas preferred munching on the celery instead of sharing it with the chickens, until they let him know they meant business regarding snacks.

I hope I don't have dreams about this chicken glare tonight.

He could watch them all. day. long.

Mags got a workout in the front yard. But fetch? Viper was much better. You'll notice her rope is way behind her on the ground. the air. Hello, blue sky!!

Heading for the pup.

She looks ferocious, doesn't she?

Heading into the sunshine, back to the house.

I was hoping this would prompt him up to two legs, but no. He'd rather crawl through the prickly grass.

Everyone will sleep well tonight!

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