Saturday, February 27, 2010

Avila turns two...

I can't believe that my niece is turning two.

It seems like just yesterday I was shooting her at two days old.  Even looking back just a year -- she is growing into the most beautiful tiny little lady.

We celebrated tonight at Mike and Kristine's house - where there's a good chance that her candle needed to be re-lit a few times because someone liked blowing out her candles early.  :)

There was some storytelling by Grandma, playing trains in Avila's new big girl room, and a little baking going on in Avila's kitchen.
Never mind the fact that my child enjoys putting his head in the oven, instead of whatever he's cooking.  Nice. 
One of my favorites -- saying her birthday grace.
Happy birthday, Avila!  We love you!

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