Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Takes: The Actually on Friday Edition!

Seven snippets from life today:
  1. The dead of winter is the perfect time for a lemon fix.
    When I worked at Merrill, one of our clients would always send up fresh boxes of citrus from his home down south.  There was nothing better than the scent coming from the package as you opened it up. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons. Dad saved a box of lemons for me that came in last week, and I can't wait to turn it all into lemon curd.  With fresh eggs from the farm.
  2. Inspired by ViolinMama's before & after pantry photos, I cleaned out 90% of our pantry.
    I still have the floor shelf and the very top shelf -- but those are a battle for another day.  I read ChezLarsson, and she always has great ideas on how to reorganize spaces.  She even has a feature where people send in photos of their disasters, and she comes up with a organized plan to conquer them.  I love seeing how people implement her ideas.  
  3. Great recipes from this week...
    Prosciutto Wrapped AsparagusBasic Chicken Salad.  We've had a lot of roasted vegetables -- with rosemary, salt & pepper.
  4. So excited to see Liz today.
    On the agenda?  A trip to the best soup place in all of Tacoma (InfiniteSoups) and a long walk on the waterfront.  Good girl time.
  5. Looking forward to next weekend.
    My only travel scheduled for this spring & summer away from my family.  Just 36 hours, but the chance to learn from one of my most very favorite photographers, Audrey Woulard
  6. The Blarney Blast may have live Celtic music!
    Doesn't that sound awesome for a St. Patrick's Day Relay For Life celebration?!?  We're hoping for a combination of the Celtic music during the first hour, and dancing to a DJ for the rest of evening -- yea!
  7. A very good post on comparisons...from Simple Marriage.
    A great read for a Friday morning.  Enjoy!

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