Monday, February 8, 2010

13 Great Things About Today

  1. This sweet face at the window, welcoming me home after a Finian Road newborn shoot. I love you, sweet child!
  2. Realizing that this sweet child is 13 months old today. How can time have gone by so quickly?!?
  3. Finding an awesome old-but-new-to-me file cabinet in our garage. Cleaning it out and getting ready to restore it for my office.
  4. Getting to see Grammy Sandy Brownrice today. Thomas was thrilled to see her today, and I got to show her all the projects we've been working on around the house. She gave me great advice on the cabinet miss them just two doors down!
  5. Just had the UPS man stop by. He told me that he's watched Jonathan grow up over the years, remembers when Jonathan told him about our first date, and that "I married a great guy." He couldn't be more right.
  6. Kate's Evil Brownies. I spent some quality time on the treadmill this morning in exchange for the joy of eating them. Mmmmmmm.
  7. Finished cleaning up from Table 10 Celebrates the Super Bowl. An awesome gang of peeps. Loved spending time with them yesterday.
  8. Actually took apart my Dyson Animal yesterday by myself. One of the (only) pains of owning a Dyson is how well is sucks up long hair, and it gets wrapped around the brush bar. Not a problem anymore! Googled to find 'how to fix this prob', and 10 minutes later, everything was taken apart on the living room floor. Cleaned, fixed, and ready to go! I love that thing. Even better that it's running at 100% again.
  9. Leftover ribs. Dan brought over his grill yesterday ("you never cook on another man's grill!") and grilled up the BEST ribs ever, with a homemade BBQ sauce made with cherry coke. They are fantastic the next day.
  10. Swimming lessons tomorrow! So excited for Thomas -- he starts a new round of classes with his very favorite (and original) swim instructor tomorrow. He will be bouncing out of the pool when he sees Miss Chelsea.
  11. A clean house. Loving the sight of less clutter. Flylady, eat your heart out.
  12. Springtime weather. Even though I'm still hoping for a giant snowstorm. It's been downright balmy here.
  13. Excited for Valentine's. Working on a few projects. Love that Jonathan saved all of Mary's cookie and cake decorating goodies. Sweet goodness from one Ski generation to the next. Photos to come when they're done!


Angela said...

Hi Shelley--

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for the goodies that I got from the blog giveaway! The spices are amazing and the cookies were a huge hit at the Super Bowl party we went to. My husband and I are vegan, so we couldn't eat them but our friends raved over them and begged for the recipe. :-)
So, thanks again!!

ViolinMama said...

Oh my - MUSt have the Cherry Coke BBQ recipe :)

I've been lurking, and as always, your family is amazing. Your son is so gorgeous!!!

Love you!

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