Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meanwhile, on the farm...

Waited up last night to find the results of the Special Election. We've been focused on passing Prop. 1 -- forming a Regional Fire Authority for the area. It makes fiscal sense from a tax perspective, and functional sense from an organizational perspective.

And right now, the yes votes outnumber the no 7 votes. This was on the ballot in November and failed by 12 votes.

We have another update today after 5, with all the ballots received after 1 pm yesterday. Praying that the yes votes continue to come in!

In the meantime, an awesome little find in Thomas's room. A game handmade by my husband from when he was little: The Borrowers Need Water.

A little like Chutes and Ladders, with rules on the back. It's been laminated, so the Wee Ski will get the joy of playing on an authentic board game crafted by his papa. :)

And a glimpse at the 2010 Ski Valentines...

A little while back, Thomas had been standing in front of the television when a commercial for the Washington State Patrol came on. The patrolman asked, "Have you been drinking?" to which Thomas emphatically shook his head no. Jonathan's been asking him ever since, just to double check.



Gina said...

Oh my, that game is so cute! Have you all played it yet???

Unknown said...

I LOVED that video. It was just what I needed to make me laugh as we suffer through this snowpocalypse here in Maryland.

KCina said...

SO stinkin' CUTE...although his head shaking made me a WEE bit dizzy! ;-)

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