Sunday, December 13, 2009


The tree farm finally saw its first big snowflakes of the season. Finally. It was a rough morning (especially with Thomas's new top teeth making their way through his gums), and I had been up since 3:45. But when I saw the flakes...

There was joy. I was excited like a little kid!

Perfect that today's theme for Gaudete Sunday is joy! And I know, the birth of Christ doesn't compare to snow on the ground...but still. Gotta take that joy in whatever form you can find it some days! :)

The Wee Snowski's first venture in the snow at two months was quite different than today. Today, I let him find the snow on his own.

And he ventured right into it.

Wait, Mommy, this is cold.

And wet. I'm not liking it as much anymore.

And if I sit down, my bottom gets wet too! PICK ME UP!

So I picked him up and we walked over to the tree house in the falling snow. Great self portrait, except for the giant snowflake stuck to my eyelash.

Once he found his snowy footing, he was a happy camper again. And I absolutely love his Seahawk blue eyes. Swoon.

Very excited for a calm night on the farm. Last year over this weekend, Sunday night wasn't quite so fun. Hotter than Hades, if you will.

Looking snowed more a year ago today than it did today! But I'll tell you, it's way nicer NOT being 9 months pregnant in the snow!

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Anonymous said...

I like how your poor, cold, wet child is crying and you're laughing and taking his picture. Good job, Mom... :-)


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