Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Wee Snowski

Today was a gift. Jonathan gave me a morning of papa/son time, so I was up early. And on my own. For the first time out and about by myself since Thomas was born.

I headed north for Avila's one year shoot...until it began pouring rain halfway through the drive. Seriously...this is the third shoot this week that's been rescheduled because of heavy rain. Didn't March come IN like a lion as well?

I had scheduled a massage at Antidote Spa in Olympia because I had time to myself, so after stopping by Mom and Dad's, I moved my appointment up a bit and headed home to the boys and the pups. It felt good to 'get away', but it was so good to come home.

Jonathan did a great job on his own with Thomas...I wasn't sure what to expect since Thomas, like his mommy, is a morning person...and his Papa is a night owl. The Wee Ski was in one piece, all smiles, and had tired his Papa out.

I was so impressed.

This afternoon, snow began falling. It was still light out. Big, fluffy flakes. And since Thomas hadn't had time yet in the snow, and I hadn't had any photos with him/me husband came through again. We packed up the 4runner and headed to the ridge above the lower tree fields, and shot for a few minutes. I loved it. :)

Long time blog readers may recognize this awesome fleece hat, handmade by Stella. For Christmas 2004, she made Viper and me matching fleece goodies -- a hat for me, and a sweet little doggy outfit (sized just for her!) with sweatshirt style wristbands for her feet.

Never did I think I would be wearing the hat in a mini shoot with my baby boy on a farm!

Thomas wasn't quite sure what to think of the snow.

Oh, Wee Ski. I ♥ you.

Can't neglect mentioning the pups. They got some time outside. Maggie loves the snow. Loves it.

Viper? Not so much. But she definitely loves her fleece. When she saw me pull it out of the "cold weather bin", she literally jumped up on me to have it on.

Thanks, Jonathan, for giving me a morning on my own, and a shoot in the afternoon.

You are the best.


Jenn & Noah said...

AWESOME day and AWESOME pics!! What a lucky lady. hehe. =)

Doreen said...

Shelley and Jonathan,

Baby Thomas is absolutely the most beautiful baby I've ever seen (besides my own but they're all grown up now). I'm so happy for all of you. Can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family.

Thinking of you always, Doreen

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