Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Takes • The Splish Splash Edition

Seven random things from right now...not long enough for a whole post, but enough for a little slice.

  1. Thomas loves baths.
    Loves them. Tonight, he had a Johnsons Soothing Vapor Bath with bubbles. I love watching him splash in the tub or in the pool. It's ridiculously amusing.
  2. Had an incredibly productive day today.
    Up at 5 with Jonathan. Packaged half a dozen projects for Finian Road and mailed them off. Got the kitchen and laundry under control again. Had two meetings in Tacoma, ran a bunch of errands (made so much easier because Thomas headed off to the Brownrices for a few hours...thank you!!), had an awesome lunch at Chipotle, and finished up some Christmas goodies. Early mornings are the best.
  3. I made the best brownies last week...
    ...from a box of Target brand brownies. Best 89 cents I've ever spent.
  4. Today felt downright balmy at 46°.
  5. Am continually learning about doing one. less. step.
    Realizing that when I set something down or aside to do later, it creates the step of "coming back to it". When all of those pile up, it's a lot of stuff to come back to. I've been focusing like mad on doing things the first time, and getting them done and checked off. Easier said than done with an 11-month-old who makes your attention span shorter than the life span of a fruit fly...but I'm working on it.
  6. I really really loved this post: Positively Contagious
  7. Why not share more of Thomas's bath time joy?
    First - strategically placed bouncer chair.
    Second - happy soaked kid. Bubble goodness.

    Enjoy. :)

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