Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prayers, please

We got the call yesterday morning that Grandpa's days are few. He is being moved today to Mercy Hospice. My mom is flying out to Iowa today.

Please pray for our family. Pray for Grandpa's last days: for a peaceful death.

Please especially pray for my grandma, who is preparing for life without her husband of 64 years. Pray for her comfort and peace.

Thanks. ♥

(a very old school shot of Grandpa, Mike and me at our old house in Gig Harbor)


Amy said...

i am praying! I am very familiar with the feeling. anything i can do to help, just let me know!!! luv you~ amy

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers to all of you!!!
~ Kathy

Scrapping in Circles said...

We lost my great-aunt this time of year last year. St. Peter's hospice workers were so wonderful and they took great care of her. They also did a super job of keeping us updated on her progress so we could make sure everyone had a chance to say their goodbyes.

I'm sorry for your family. You'll be in our prayers, especially your grandma. I couldn't imagine losing the person who'd been in my life longer than out of it.

Anonymous said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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