Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunsets in the northwest...

...could not be better anywhere else.

We held our normal Thursday night dinner tonight, since Mom and Dad are taking off to Leavenworth for their 39th anniversary tomorrow. Thomas was in heaven: Grandma + Grandpa + the doggies + water + Dodgers baseball.

I made lemon oregano chicken with feta, butternut sage risotto, and roasted cauliflower. I tried my hand at whole wheat dinner rolls - they were OK, but didn't rise long enough. I'll master them yet. I threw some roasted garlic butter on them and called it good. :)

After dinner, we changed the Wee Ski into his jammies and he and Grandma played down by the water.

...they saw an airplane. It was exciting stuff.

...and I got some of my fave silhouette shots yet. Gina, the just-out-of-the-bay-from-swimming Portie, wanted in the photo too.

Grandma and Thomas snuggling up...

Thomas and Princess MommyLeia.

Didn't my mom do a good job? I was expecting that I wouldn't have even been in the frame when she shot it. :)

The setting sun...

Straight out of the camera. Yum. I ♥ northwest sunsets.

Grandpa teaching Thomas how to cheer for the Dodgers. They got a run! Jump up and down!

This is all very exciting, Grandpa. But it's exhausting. I am sleepy now.

And a few minutes later...this.

What a fantastic way to end the evening.

Headed home to Jonathan. Glee! is on in a bit.

Good night, internets!


Unknown said...

Okay, those monster PJs have got to be the cutest I have EVER seen....and I have 2 boys so I have seen a lot of PJs! Where in the world did you get them? I MUST have they come in Mommy-sizes?

shelley said...

Aren't they the best?!?

$6.49 at Costco! They have them 6M-5T, but no Mommy sized. :)

My mom was so funny when I put them on him last night, "Now Shelley, those feet aren't glow in the dark, right? Because I don't want him to get scared when he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees monsters."

Unknown said...

Spoken like a true Grandma! They always worry about the little things like glow in the dark monsters on our feet. :-)

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