Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wooden Goodness

I've been in major clean-up and clean-out mode around the house. Today, finished cleaning out Thomas's room (which, when he was born, was still half full of Jonathan's stuff). Started clearing out the front entryway to paint and begin the massive changeup of our living room. Cleaned out three laundry baskets worth of clothes, finished the wash from our weekend away, and finished spackling the front window and walls (Rich Brownrice would be very proud of my prep work).

After a very good lesson in Thomas's newfound ability to find everything lower than 3' in the house, I've also pulled all of Larry and Mary's books and journals from the shelves in the living room because the Wee Ski kept wanting to go through his grandparents' stuff. We'll save it for when he's older.

The lower bookshelves now have wooden toys for him to pull off whenever he feels like it. A friend of my mom's made him a sweet little wooden doggy pull toy that he drags around on the tile floor. Yesterday, my order from Little Sapling Toys arrived. In the box was a 24 piece set of organic building blocks in walnut, maple and cherry wood, finished in beeswax and organic jojoba oil. I also ordered a peg board in the same woods.

We have tons of cool woods in the living room, and these fit right in.

He loves them. As do I.

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