Thursday, October 8, 2009

The skills that really matter

A few years ago, I thought of all the things that was important for me to find in a husband (strong faith, a sense of humor, a forgiving nature, the ability to challenge me to grow, and a joyful heart). I now realize that I had neglected one very significant trait.

He must kick ass in musical chairs.

Yesterday was Bosses Day at Connolly Tacon & Meserve, where the staff puts together a fun (and competitive) day full of activities for the attorneys. Set away from the office, it gives them time to bond. The office is closed for legal business that day. Yesterday's festivities included a continental breakfast, chair massages, a dictation contest, homemade lunch at the Grange, and a massive game time which included Name that Tune, Cranium, Knock, Ladder Golf, and Musical Chairs.

How happy am I that there is video footage from the both the preliminary rounds AND the finals? A huge thanks to Chris for uploading these gems to the internet, so no one should miss out on seeing my husband rock the musical chairs.

Enjoy. My Thursday gift to you.

And I do think that watching Carter (in the gray sweatshirt) is an early weekend present. He has a very distinct surfing style of musical chairs strategy. :)

The prelims:

And the finals:

And the overall winner of the day's challenges?

My husband.


Chris said...

I am so glad these will see a wider audience! Thanks to YOU for sharing with your bleaders!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jonathan. For a minute, I thought Jonathan was just going to grab the chair. Thanks for sharing the video with us. I LOVED it.

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