Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scenes from the Retreat

A look at the 2010 Relay For Life of Thurston County Retreat...

Spent Saturday morning with the committee heads, with the Wee Ski in tow. He was such a little Relay champion: napping on Papa, eating lunch quietly, and being a constructive member of the group (well timed screeches to show approval). So much fun to have both Thomas and Jonathan in a Relay meeting that I'm training.

Dave, Jonathan and Thomas took a break together at lunch on the deck. I'm pretty sure they squeezed in some Fantasy Baseball action at some point during the day. Good thing their league is almost done - I'm ready to be done being a fantasy baseball widow!

We held it at Al's home in Olympia - first time I'd ever used a flat panel TV for PowerPoint. (Not normally in any Relay's budget - ha!) The group was a great mix of old + new, and we got things off to a great start. Can't wait to see what's ahead!!

Dave, the fearless Team Development Chair...

The committee leads...

And the awesome but terrifying bear that kept Thomas's wide eyed attention... :)

It was a blast presenting from the Committee Retreat (that our Training Task Force had written). I love seeing things come together as vision + planning is executed. Good, good stuff.

Setting things up for a great Relay season!

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KCina said...

Yeah!!! ;-)

Our retreat is in late October and I can't wait...I've gone thru most of the virtual training on MMR and we are all getting excited about our retreat and Regional Summit in November...we've got our game plan together and we will have time for some serious "getting to know you"'s gonna be GREAT!

Thanks to you and the Training Task Force for all you guys have done and will continue to do to help ALL our Relays!!!

~ Kathy

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