Monday, September 28, 2009

10 Things of Today.

  1. Ventured north this morning to Mill Creek (200 miles roundtrip) for a canine skin and allergy specialist. Both Thomas and Maggie were fantastic on the road trip...being able to take the carpool lane and express lanes through Seattle was the best! We start a ten day waiting period for Maggie's lab results to come back -- trusting that we will finally have some answers to her years-long skin problems!
  2. Had a great lunch with Liz last Friday at the Fifth Avenue Sandwich Shop. Homemade Wheat Sourdough Swirl...mmmmm. Walked the lake afterwards in one of our last beautiful days of the summer.
  3. This afternoon: lunch from Chipotle, editing shoots, and listening to Thomas sleep on the baby monitor.
  4. Facilitated a great retreat for the Relay For Life of Thurston County on Saturday. A great mix of old + new, fresh energy, and a fabulous start.
  5. Thomas has been rocking his swimming lessons. He loves dunking underwater, splashing everything and everyone, and Humpty-Dumpty'ing into the pool. His instructor is great with the wee ones.
  6. St. Columban hosted a Cenacle Mass last Friday night. It was just what we needed as a family - Jonathan, Thomas and I were able to attend together, and consecrated our family to the Blessed Mother.
  7. The chill is setting in on the farm - rains are supposed to come tonight.
  8. Loved the kickoff of fall shows last week - especially NCIS. Loving the DVR to be able to watch when I have projects I can do in front of the television.
  9. Excited for a dinner tonight at St. Charles with the fam.
  10. The ACS meets Ace of Cakes on October 8th! A quick healthier birthday cake is highlighted in the video below....can't wait for the show!

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