Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A fantasy widow...

I was asked if being a "fantasy widow" was appropriate for a family-oriented blog...maybe I should explain a bit further. :)

Jonathan, my husband, is just as much of a numbers nerd as I am. Playing fantasy sports combines statistics and sports -- the perfect combination. Before the season begins, you draft players from across the league and form your own hand picked team.

Dave and Jonathan play in the same league, and have a big draft day in Portland every March for fantasy baseball. Throughout the season, it's not uncommon to have him checking his stats constantly. That's where the "widow" part comes into play. Kristi and I both become fantasy widows while they are wrapped up in their sporting drama.

Doc joined a fantasy football team this fall - and I love how it's as intense, but there are fewer games, so his results are essentially decided within a few days of games, instead of every day.

Jonathan's heading into the playoffs with his fantasy baseball team "The Comeback Kid" (just a few weeks left!) and is off to a great start with his football team "TJ WhosYoMama". And ESPN's widgets's his current standings:

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