Monday, September 14, 2009

Overheard last night...

As I was getting settled in at home after a long afternoon and evening traveling home from Tucson. Jonathan was going through the DVR, reminding me that I had sucked up a good deal of space recording movies while I was gone. The conversation went a little like this...

"See, Shel? We're running out of space. Not even counting your dumb shows Big Love and Entourage."
"They're not dumb shows and they don't take up much space. But wait - what's that? You're recording a show called Tool Academy? You're recording a show about how to use tools and you don't even use them around the house? Seriously? I would buy you tools if I knew you would use them around here!"
"That's not what it's about."
"But it says Tool Academy!"
"It's a show about guys who are idiots and their girlfriends want them to get straightened out."
"Oh, we can keep it then."


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