Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Halfway through...

...the first week post-Merrill!

Definitely an adjustment period. I don't think I was/am fully prepared for that part of the change.

Thankfully, I have had a long list of things 'to do' once I had a bit more time. Loving checking things off.
  • Almost done cleaning out the major parts of Thomas's room.
    We've got an 'unveiling' post coming soon - with the incredible walls that surround his room. So excited to see so much carpet and finally have most of the stuff organized and put away.
  • Thomas has had a tough past week or so.
    It's almost like he's on strike from his crib - wanting only to sleep with us. That's been tough because Jonathan and I were really looking forward to catching up on sleep once both of our schedules were similar. As he has been a champion sleeper and master napper, it was a struggle to have an explained 180°. I was relieved to read in the No Cry Sleep Solution that separation anxiety is normal as the baby learns a 'new trick' - for Thomas, it's crawling. It also explains that as he learns the trick, he wakes up frequently in the middle of the night to practice. As he masters the trick, he won't need to wake up anymore to practice. That book was an excellent resource in understanding how to help Thomas sleep well (especially when people rolled their eyes at his 7 pm bedtime) - but it helped him learn to sleep through the night and gave us the added bonus of child-free time each night. So glad to have it to refer back to.
  • Catching the twitter bug.
    A bit. It should be noted that Jonathan has less tweets than Thomas. :) At times, it feels so much easier to think of life in 140 character tweets than longer blog posts. You can find each of our twitter pages in the links on the right - the ones with the little twitter birdies!
  • Experimenting a lot this week with food.
    Baked zucchini fries. Sweet potato fries. Tilapia with a rosemary & roasted garlic aioli. Enchiladas (6 points!). My newest Reeses Blizzard replacement: Breyers Double Churn Vanilla ice cream + Reeses 100 calories Snacksters - just 4 points! Lemon ricotta cookies are in the oven right now, with half the batch already in the freezer. They have a great cake like texture which is lighter than a normal cookies. Love it. Found that Ocean Spray is making a crystal light style drink -- and they have it in White Peach Cranberry! It's the base for my favorite White Peach I was so excited to find the 5 calorie version of it!
  • Excited for this weekend.
    Mom, Thomas and I are heading to Tucson, Arizona for the Tucson Regional Relay Summit. I faciliate on Friday and Saturday, and we'll have the rest of the time together in the sun, hanging out and swimming. Cooler than Phoenix's 114°, in the upper 90s. Perfect for early morning and early evening pool time with the Wee Ski.
  • Visited Grandma and Grandpa Ski yesterday.
    To celebrate Thomas turning 8 months old, we spent some time at the cemetery yesterday. Thomas showed them his mad crawling skills and we said a prayer for them and for our family. We came home and looked at some old photos of Grandma and Grandpa.

Heading out the door to run a few errands. Just wish that it was possible to run errands without a half hour drive! :)

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