Tuesday, September 15, 2009

12 of 12: The Tucson Edition

A bit late to the game...just downloading images now from the weekend. This month's 12 of 12 project was down in Arizona, where Mom, Thomas and I were spending the weekend. I was down in Tucson to train Relayers for their Regional Relay Summit...and Mom came down to help with Thomas. Most of my day was spent on the Relay For Life summit...with a break to swim with the Wee Ski. A mix of my favorite things.

Good stuff.

Thomas and Grandma • 8:19 am
Chilling on our patio outside our hotel room at the Hilton El Conquistador. They would walk over to the grass and watch quail and bunnies.

Nancy and Pat with the World's Most Fabulous Relay Tees • 8:47 am
Nancy is a Top Fundraiser (raising more than $13,500 last year, as an individual). Pat is a transplant from the Kent, Washington Relay...and lays claim to the longest Relayer in Arizona. Both are Grand Club members (meaning they each raised over $1000 each last year) and cancer survivors. They are so proud of both efforts that they had their tees (one from each accomplishment) made into one. How beautiful is that?!?

Our barista, Mary, a breast cancer survivor • 8:54 am
Check out her mug! And her Strides necklace! She shared her story with us as we grabbed a quick bite before general sessions began.

Tammy and me • 9:51 am
Just before Saturday's general sessions began. She had me cracking up most of the weekend, ya betcha!

Some of my favorite event chairs from Tucson • 12:08 pm
I so enjoyed training this crew over Friday and Saturday. So excited to be part of Relay For Life and they get the big picture.

A break by the pool • 1:12 pm
Slathered in sunscreen, we got to hang in the little kids' pool - shaped like a fish, with spray fountains everywhere.

Conked out • 3:37 pm
I swear - this is my most favorite thing to see. Thomas sleeping on his tummy, with his hands tucked underneath and his Wee Ski bottom in the air.

Prickly Pear Cactus • 4:45 pm

The sun falling near the horizon • 5:55 pm

An awesome way to end the evening • 7:26 pm
Strawberry sorbet & peach custard with grand marnier. Mmmmmm.

Tammy + Relay + Elvis = nothing better • 7:46 pm
He was in the restaurant for a private dinner party...but that didn't stop one of his biggest fans (Tammy) from breaking in to get photos. :) I think I learned more about him in 15 minutes from her than I have in my entire life.

Burning the late night oil • 9:03 pm
His new trick is to pull himself up and bounce around his crib. He spent the next half hour growling like a dragon and blowing zerberts on me. Why bother sleeping when you can stay up to watch Star Trek with Mom and Grandma?

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Dogeared said...

I love the conked out photo and the B&W in his crib, they're both beautiful. But the night cactus photo with the flare is absolutely stunning. I love it - you should frame it!

Sorry I’m late in replying! I only got my own 12 of 12 up on Thursday!

Helen (Dogeared)

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