Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A toasty toast to our Relay team!

Wrapped up our 2009 Relay season tonight for Thurston County. It was a warm 90° driving into the meeting...only to find the air conditioning was out at Group Health! A toasty evening...but with the help of a dozen fans, we celebrated a successful year in a very difficult economic environment.

I am so very proud to have captained this team with Jonathan (and Thomas!). His firm, Connolly Tacon & Meserve, is a local law firm based in Olympia. When he was hired, one of the stipulations was that CTM would start a Relay team in the local event. I don't think they realized what they were in for. :)

Everyone in the office has the Relay spirit - and it shows. In our two years in the Thurston Relay, we have taken the top spot both times...and increased this year by $1000 over last year's efforts.

One of our big "competitors" in the Loopholes...who we adore...told me last year that she loves to see every generation be involved in Relay with their team. Their youngest ones help with the quarter lap, with luminaria, and are there throughout the Relay.

Little Charlotte Cina is just 3 years old - and she's a team captain and member of the $1000 club down in Oregon. So hoping that the $1000 club will be launched in Thurston! She proudly wears her tiny little $1000 club tee everywhere...and I can't wait to see Thomas in one.

It's such a fantastic example to Thomas - helping him learn to give back as he grows.

And since Relay is such a big part of our family...I love that we do it together.

And for a sneak peek of the new fundraising magazine that's debuting at the Great West Division Regional Relay Summits this here!

I shot the cover photo of Victoria McDonald at the Tacoma Relay in 2007...and both Jonathan and I each have an article in it. His article made the sneak peek, and is on our 2008 Connolly Tacon & Meserve team..and it even mentions the Wee Ski. :) Click his article below to read it!


KCina said...

YAHOO, can't wait to see Momentum!

$1K should be coming to the entire GW Division (my understanding from our Income Mgr)...seriously, it's been AWESOME in Portland/ a year where $$ is extra tight, we had MORE FOLKS raising at least $1K...

Have a great TGITh!
~ Kathy & Charlie too

ViolinMama said...


Erin said...

victoria! a great friend of my madre as well as my encounter mom when i was on team. YAY!

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