Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick Takes • The Travel Edition

Seven snippets from right now, three hours before Quick Takes Friday...
  1. Thomas is not a fan of bubble baths.
    See photo above. His whole bath was like this - crying and hitting the bubbles. He's usually a big fan of thinking he is just bubble adverse.

  2. Getting ready to leave for Phoenix tomorrow.
    I have decided that traveling to Relay For Life Regional Summits (similar to last year's Leadership Summit) is much easier pregnant than with a seven month old. Most of the luggage and carry on is filled with Thomas's stuff - food, pumped milk, pump, toys, clothes, swimsuit, etc. I have my camera, my notes and facilitator guides for the Regional Summit, three outfits and a swimsuit. Everything else is his. Makes me a bit wistful for last year to St. Louis - where I travelled for a week with just a backpack. And a six month old (in utero) Thomas in the womb.

  3. Very excited to see Michelle and baby Samuel.
    Michelle and I were having "life defining talks" in April of 2008 in Reno at the Summit prep weekend...and little did I know that not only was she pregnant, but so was I. Samuel is three months older than Thomas, and they'll be hanging together while Michelle and I are at the Summit on Saturday.

  4. So loved seeing Kat today on her birthday.
    I took my first personal lunch hour (since 2008) and we met up at the Tacoma Farmer's Market. So good to see her and catch up! It's one of those fabulous friendships where it doesn't matter how much time has gone by - you just step right in where you're at. And for both our crazy schedules, it's perfect.

  5. Hit a new low in WW this week!
    Making food from scratch and dropping the convenience food has had an incredible impact on getting past my plateau. When I was sick with a summertime cold (isn't that an oxymoron?), I made a big pot of chicken soup. Low in points, super filling, and crazy healthy. Made acorn squash soup, raspberry chicken stuffed sandwiches, lots of squash and zucchini, and finally eating up some of my tomatoes from the garden. Summer vegetables have been incredible. Taking snacks on the plane tomorrow (teriyaki pork slices, edamame, and black bean brownies) to avoid the fast food at the airport.

  6. The Mexican Hat Dance.
    After being cranky during my sick day yesterday, Jonathan told me I could only yell while crabby if I yelled to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. There has been no yelling since.
  7. Ready for bed!
    So ready to crawl into bed for an early start tomorrow...can't wait!

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ViolinMama said...

LOL - loved this list, the pic....the Mexican hat dance :)

Have a fab weekend! Congrats on the WW successes!

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