Monday, August 31, 2009

Happiness is...

  • Coming home to a bunch of things on my "honey do" list scratched off. My husband is amazing.
  • Said amazing husband telling me that we are out of food at the house before I get home from the airport - so I can stop on the way home. So much better than finding out for myself when I go to make lunches for tomorrow. Because of reason 1, he is off the hook for quite some time.
  • Kissing said amazing husband goodbye as he heads out the door to the AC/DC concert. In his new AC/DC t-shirt. Be still my heart.
  • Thomas's sunscreen hair from the pool last night.
  • The Wee Ski being a fabulous flyer to Phoenix and back...even as we were stopped on the way down at security. In the midst of being lectured on babywearing ("you could drop him on his head!"), everything I was carrying on was unpacked and tested for explosives. All my camera gear, the frozen bento full of baby food, everything. Better watch the breastmilk! :)
  • A fantastic Relay Regional Summit in Phoenix.
  • Raising $500 with Jeff Ross in our breakout on fundraising. Arizona Relayers rock.
  • A good week ahead.
  • Unpacking, throwing things in the wash, and settling in at home.

1 comment:

KCina said...

Okay---besides the fact that it was you and JEFF ROSS, what did you guys do to raise that $500?? Inquiry minds want to know and steal with pride in Portland! ;-)

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