Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off to Lattin's

The other day, we headed over to Lattin's County Cider Mill for fresh veggies. The bonus of Lattin's? You get to feed the animals! This is infinitely more exciting when there's a child involved, because I could never sell Jonathan on feeding the animals when it was just the two of us. For example, in the above photo, you see Jonathan's "I'm doing this for you and Thomas" smiling face.

We picked up corn, zucchini, crook neck squash, and hot apple fritters.

You're able to get up close and personal with the farm animals.

This goat was hysterical - when there wasn't any food left for him, he climbed up the fence to eat the leaves above. Thomas was mesmerized.

Them's a good lookin' goat with his leaves. It should be noted that after this, Jonathan said I could have a goat. YEA!

I asked Jonathan to take the camera.

He obviously felt the 'feeding the animals' shots were getting a little boring...because when we moved over to the goats with the giant pregnant mama goat...the photos changed a bit.

When I asked him to "zoom in and get close up", we obviously miscommunicated. I was hoping for all their tongues eating out of my hands with Thomas right there.

This is what I got:

Nice and zoomed in. Nice manly goat.

This was more along the lines of what I was thinking of:

But wait! Why take photos of Thomas and Shelley when you can shoot the very pregnant goat beating up another goat who tried to steal her food?

Jonathan said this: "This should be a reminder to all men: don't make anything that's pregnant mad. This goes for animals and people. You can never win."

I'll admit -- very good advice.

Ahh...happy goat feeding. Back to normal programming.

And one really zoomed up.

I'm thinking goats in the next few years. After a garden. And after the chickens finally give me some eggs.

Then goat milk! Goat cheese! Goat milk soaps!

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ViolinMama said... post. Ever???? Love the goats. HYSTERICAL. Oh my goodness, I needed this post, Oh my goodness. Thank you!!

Glad it was a great day. Baaaaa!

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