Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Family Picnic • 60 years

We spent the weekend with Jonathan's family on the Ockfen Farm - also known as the SKC Family Picnic. It was the 60th annual picnic - which traces its roots back several generations. This year, the last of the 'greats' to us passed away...leaving Jonathan's dad's generation as the oldest. It was a transition year for them as they realized they were now "the old people". :)

The big event is Sunday afternoon - with a giant potluck so big that there's a flatbed for all the food. Diehards showed up as early as Wednesday to campout before the weekend. Friday night was game night, Saturday was floating the river and a potluck that night, and Sunday was the picnic.

We showed up late Saturday afternoon for the potluck and got to catch up with everyone. So fun to see everyone, especially Morgan and Cameron, who came home from the midwest for the weekend. It was Auntie Morgan's first time chilling with the Wee Ski:

She is a head coach for Nebraska's rifle shooting team, so she was talking up the Huskers to the Wee Ski. Never too early! Well, until he hits eighth grade. Then the NCAA says he's off limits. :)

Thomas was not particularly fond of going to bed on time, especially when there was fun to be had outside the tent. He had more fun squishing his face up against the screen. I hope that's not how he plans to attract the ladies in a few years.

All the blood-line family members get nametags that trace their lineage back to the original SKC family. Our family line now begins with Thomas, up to papa Jonathan, Grandpa Larry, Great Grandpa Fred (where Thomas gets his baby blues from), Great Great Grandpa Alex, and Great Great Great Grandma Paulina. He gets a giant nametag.

Those who marry into the family? We're known as the "wife of". Or in Uncle Johnie's case, "husband of". There's a rumor that someone is pushing for the "wife of" nametags to also include "birthed" I would have both Thomas and Jonathan's name.

Uncle Johnie would still be out of luck.

Thomas won "youngest family member" - and received a beautiful baby quilt.

Among the games...Heads or Tails. Which takes absolutely no skill at all. Therefore, we all excel. :)

Don't Jonathan and Cameron look alike?

There were races (in the 90+°), water balloon tosses...and water balloon fights. Morgan and Jonathan sought one last victim.

That victim then had a very unfortunately place to look for cash in the hay pile. :)

I love that Jonathan's family is so important to him. And I love that they've welcomed me in, and now love the Wee Ski too. They each fill a little part of the hole left behind by Larry and Mary.

We are blessed. ♥


Nancy E said...

What fun! How cute is Jonathin's family! And Thomas is really growing up so fast -- sweetie --- you must be such a proud mom. Great to see these photos! :) love ya!

Jenn & Noah said...

so fun! what's the website where i can view all the photos?

shelley said...

There's an email going out to everyone who was there with all the links! Should be by the weekend!

Anonymous said...

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