Friday, July 31, 2009

Cooling off

Today was a balmy 90°, where it was pleasant and at times even a bit chilly. Things I'd never thought I'd say.

The Wee Ski and I headed up to Lake Tapps to Debbie's house, to give Thomas a reprieve from the heat. He got the chance to swim in a real pool...with his own cabana auntie who gave him personal pool tours on floaties, and chilled meals (sweet potatoes and peas) served poolside by mommy.

It was so good to see Debbie. It gave me flashbacks to our 2007 Relay poolside wrapup, and reminded me how much times had changed since then.

The Wee Ski had a very good time. He was sound asleep by the time we hit the end of her driveway.

Thomas's tent made an appearance in the shade. See those curls? They are from a new styling creme I call "SPF 50". It's a combination hair mud + sunblock.

He loved the water: a much bigger scale than the bathtub.

His current favorite thing with his pucky is to wear it on his thumb. His thumb. So he can suck his pucky and his thumb at the same time. Brilliant.

We had a diving show from Bruce, with impressive form.

Floating in the yellow floatie...

Thanks, Debbie - we had a great time! ♥


MzPoodle2U said...

Shelley... he just get more stinkin' cute with every picture you post! -Shelby

Elizabeth Ann said...

I love love LOVE that first shot of Debbie and Thomas..... Great giftie..... ;)

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