Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On days like today... gets a little toasty.

Especially when you have no air conditioning at home. I've never actually lived in a home with air conditioning. You really don't need it in the northwest...except for these freak heat spells.

And this is ahead...

How funny is it that a "little cooler" is still above 90°? Don't they know that we don't do extremes well here in the northwest?!?

Here's what the Skis are doing tonight to cool off...
  • The Wee Ski is sleeping with fans in a diaper. No, wait. I mean he's sleeping in a diaper, with fans in his room.
  • We've got fans going through the rest of the house. But really, until the temp drops below 90° we're just pushing warm air around. Maybe it's the placebo effect that we feel cooler from it.
  • We've hosed down the chicken run, filled all of Maggie's dishes with water, and kept her inside all day on the cold kitchen tile.
  • Jonathan grilled steaks from Western Meats tonight (heavenly) and we had the rest of the broccoli salad (delish, straight out of the cold fridge!).
  • Loaded iTunes with Christmas music. White Christmas, Let it Snow, Baby, It's Cold Outside, and Frosty the Snowman.
  • And before he went to sleep, we loaded the Wee Ski up with his favorite: frozen bananas! For the record, it's much neater with the cap on. It's a huge-straight-to-the-tub ordeal when he can actually get to the banana. But it was worth every moment of the bath to see him happy, cool, and sore gums relieved.

Ahh...frozen banana!

Hope you are staying cool! :)

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Anonymous said...

You have MY weather and I WANT it back. It's supposed to be 68 and raining here tomorrow. The heat is mine and I want it!

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