Monday, July 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Completely stolen from ViolinMama via Simple Woman. I needed a 'sound bite' post while images are batching. Thanks, VM! :)

For today, July 27, 2009:
  • Outside My Window... is insanely hot air. Still above 90°. For the love.
  • I am thinking... that I love my Canon 5d. And shooting kids. It's a sweet combination. Loving how tonight's shoot turned out.
  • I am thankful for... my husband, who put the Wee Ski to bed tonight so I could keep working. Also thankful for air conditioning in the Hybrid.
  • From the kitchen... my new favorite broccoli salad. Low on WW points when 'remade' a bit, and is so good on a hot summer night.
  • I am wearing... Lucy capris (they fit again!) and a tank top.
  • I am creating... sweet photography goodness. In the form of wee ones. Lots to come this week. Planning for a new post each day!
  • I am going... to go in an ocean or a pool this week. Or float the river this Saturday at the SKC (Sprouffske Kuffel Coffel) family picnic. Any of those would be fantastic.
  • I am reading... a very timely post on Inside Catholic: Beautiful Girls.
  • I am hoping... that anyone who has ever struggled with self image or eating disorders will read the above post.
  • I am hearing... the fan in the Wee Ski's room. It's cool in there and raging in my office. Go figure. The songs from our wedding on iTunes. Yes, I am that nerd that made a playlist of our wedding Mass songs and still listens to them.
  • Around the house... Jonathan is configuring his Blackberry. YEA! I brought him over to the dark side! The Wee Ski is sleeping. I am getting ready to go to bed to get up at o'dark hundred. Just after I pack Thomas's things up for the Q's.
  • One of my favorite things... Waking up to the sounds of the kitchen being cleaned this morning, and a happy baby sleeping next to me. Seems that I fell asleep after bringing him back to bed...only to have him rip roaring ready to go for the day. Papa Ski stepped in, calmed him back down through my snoring, and coaxed him back to slumber. And then he helped me get a good start on the day after my completely useless Sunday (thank you, sweltering heat).
  • A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... work, shooting, chilling (literally and figuratively) with the Wee Ski, the family reunion this weekend. Harvesting basil for the freezer to have this winter. Watering everything in sight.
  • Here is picture thought I am sharing...
    From this weekend at Mom and Dad's. My mom has a knack for finding very unique items. In it, you will see my husband, who is neither gay nor a Viking.
    We call this: Gay Viking Ship


KCina said...

LOVE IT....Gay Viking Ship (not that there's anything wrong with it)....Great post (as always)! ~ Kathy

ViolinMama said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I needed that laugh today!! You CRACK me up!! Loved it. Miss you and love hearing from you!!! And you so did not steal from me...I stole first haha!

Love on your are SO blessed!

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